Mary is writing an essay in her room, ______ ? A. isn’t she Correct answer B. wasn’t she C. didn’t she D. hasn’t she


Tag questions: Affirmative main clause → negative tag question Main clause using “is writing” has an affirmative meaning, using the verb in HTTD with the singular subject ‘Mary’ → Tag questions auxiliary verb ‘isn’t’ and pronoun ‘she’. → Tag questions using “isn’t she” Roughly translated: Mary is writing an essay in her room, right? → Choose answer A

====== QUIZ ENGLISH 12 =====

hoc tap vn

Dawn’s thinking of setting ________ a social club for local disabled people.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks. Sport and sport events provide a significant source of volunteering opportunities for a wide range of individuals. (26) ________ organizers of major sport events tend to target the youth market to source volunteers due to the apparent high level of interest in sport by this group, not only in terms of young people who watch a particular sport, but also those (27 )________ participate in it. It is therefore suggested that sport may act as a kind of ‘nursery’ for volunteering and that the experiences (28) ________ to young people in sport may be critical for their future volunteer involvement, not only in sport but also in the wider society. By developing an interest in volunteering as a young person, it is hoped that these people will continue to volunteer as they become adults. One of the most common approaches by many event organizers is to place an advertisement in the local media which invites readers to contact the organization. (29)________ , it is possible to adopt a more formal structured recruitment program through schools and universities. The (30)________ of this approach is to establish a relationship between the governing body of a particular sport and young people from an early age, in the hope that young people who are either spectators or participants in the sport continue from childhood to adulthood.

Xác định m để biểu thức f(x) = (m + 2)x2 – 3mx + 1 là tam thức bậc hai

Bài 26: Trang bị điện ô tô

China is the country with the largest population.

Mark the letter B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part following A from each of the other three in pronunciation in the questions.

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