We were so looking forward to stretching out on the beach in the sunshine, but it ________ whole time we were there. A. poured with rain Correct answer B. rained dogs and cats C. dropped in the bucket D. made hay while the sun shined


Idioms: – it poured with rain: pouring rain – rain cats and dogs: heavy rain, heavy rain – a drop in the bucket: making or while the sun shines: taking advantage We were so excited to lounge on the beach in the sunshine, but it was pouring rain the whole time we were there. → Choose answer A

====== QUIZ ENGLISH 12 =====

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Read the folBrave William Baldock, who is six years old, is a hero after helping his mother when she fell downstairs. William quickly rang for an ambulance when he discovered his mother had broken her leg. In spite of being frightened, he (23) ________ the emergency services what had happened and answered all the questions they asked him. He also telephoned his father at work, and then his grandmother, to explain what he had (24) _________. While waiting for these people to come, William looked after his 18-month-old sister. When ambulance man Steve Lyn went to the house, he was amazed. ‘It’s great that a young boy of six knew the right number to dial, and was able to give us the correct information. (25) ________ of William’s quick thinking, we were able to (26) ________ there immediately.” Mrs. Baldock left hospital yesterday, very (27) ________ to both William and the ambulance service.Fill in box 26

Vở bài tập Toán lớp 3 Tập 2 trang 38 Chu vi hình tam giác, chu vi hình tứ giác | Chân trời sáng tạo

According to paragraph 1, what did Janssen do after his trip to Thailand?

She is the winner of the beauty pageant. That is the only reason people pay attention to her.

Some people cannot find happiness in life _______ they have a well-paid job.

The company was dealt a ________ blow when its chief designer deserted to another firm.

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