Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.Living things include both the visible world of animals, plants, and fungi as well as the invisible world of bacteria and viruses. On a basic level, we can say that life is ordered. Organizations have an enormously complex organization. We’re all familiar with the intricate systems of the basic unit of life, the cell. Life can also “work.” Living creatures can take in energy from the environment. This energy, in the form of food, is transformed to maintain metabolic processes and for survival. Life grows and develops. This means more than just replicating or getting larger in size. Living organisms also have the ability to rebuild and repair themselves when injured. Life can reproduce. Think about the last time you accidentally stubbed your toe. Almost instantly, you moved back in pain. Finally, life can adapt and respond to the demands placed on it by the environment. There are three basic types of adaptations that can occur in higher organisms. Reversible changes occur as a response to changes in the environment. Let’s say you live near sea level and you travel to an approximate area. You may begin to experience difficulty breathing and an increase in heart rate as a result of the change in altitude. These symptoms go away when you go back down to sea level. Body-related changes occur as a result of prolonged changes in the environment. Using there previous example if you were to stay in the heart normally, you would notice that your heart normally and would begin to slow down normally and would begin to breath normally. These changes are also reversible. Genotypic changes (caused by genetic mutation) take place within the genetic makeup of the organism and are not reversible. An example would be the development of resistance to pesticides by insects and spiders. Which type of adaptation is permanent? A. Body-related B. Reversible C. Genotypic Correct Answer D. Environmental


Answer C What type of adaptation is permanent? A. Physical changesB. Reversible Changes C. Genotype D. Environment For many American college students, a week-long spring break means the beginning of endless partying on a sunny beach in Florida or Mexico. In Panama City Beach in Florida, a city with a population of about 36,000, more than half a million college students come in March to play and party, making it the number one spring destination in the United States. Not for everyone, however, more and more American college students are figuring out how to enjoy spring break. For them, joining or leading a group of volunteers who travel locally or internationally and work to alleviate issues like poverty, homelessness, or environmental damage makes spring break a unique learning experience college students can feel better about. During a spring break at James Madison University in Virginia took part in 15 spring break trips to the United States, and five more out-of-state trips were replaced by trips to the United States, and more than five international trips. . A group of JMU students came to Bogalusa, Louisiana to help. Another group went to Mississippi to organize creative activities for children living in slums and homeless areas. A group of schoolchildren went to work in Florida, but were not allowed to lie on the sand. They work like rangers to fence and destroy invasive plants that threaten Florida’s ecosystems. Students participating in distinct spring break projects find them very rewarding. While most college students have to get a degree before they can start helping people, student volunteers can help people now. On the other hand, the surrounding rooms are very safe. Students often sleep on the floor of a school or church, or spend the week camping in tents. But students pay only about $250 for meals and transportation, much less than some of their peers spend traveling to traditional spring break hotspots. Distinct spring break trips seem to be increasingly popular at colleges across the United States. Students cite several reasons for participating. Some appreciate the opportunity to socialize and meet new friends. Others want to fulfill their desire for citizenship to serve humanity and make the world a better place. Whatever their reasons, these students discovered something that brought them rich rewards along with a relaxing break from schoolwork.

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hoc tap vn

A. which B. who C. what D. where

Cho tập hợp A = {x ∈ ℕ Tìm giá trị của m để A là tập hợp rỗng?

Mary is writing an essay in her room, ______ ?

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