Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.My first job was a sales assistant at a large department store. I wanted to work part-time, because I was still studying at university and I was only able to work a few nights a week.I came across the advertisement in the local newspaper. I remember the interview as though it were yesterday. The (23) ______ manager sat behind a large desk. He asked me various questions which surprised me because all I wanted was to work in sales. An hours later, I was told that I had got the job and was given a contract to go over. I was to be trained for ten days before I took my post. Also, as a member of staff, I was (24) ______ to some benefits, including discounts.When I eventually started, I was responsible (25) ______ the toy section. I really enjoyed it there and I loved demonstrating the different toys. I was surprised at how friendly my colleagues were, too. They made working there fun even when we had to deal with customers (26) ______ got on our nerves. (27) ______, working there was a great experience which I will never forget.Fill in box 27 A. In contrast B. However C. Moreover D. On the whole Correct


Choose American DP Film creates myths about college life in the United States. These stories are entertaining, but they are not true. You have to look beyond Hollywood movies to understand what college is really like. Thanks to the movies, many believe that college students are engaged and socialized more than learning. Movies almost never show students working hard in class or in the library. Instead, the movies show them eating, talking, hanging out or dancing to loud music at wild parties. While American students have the freedom to participate in activities, they also have academic responsibilities. To be successful, they must attend classes and study hard. Another myth is that sports are the only important extracurricular activity. In fact, there are many non-commercial activities on campus such as special clubs, service organizations, arts and theater programs. This variety allows students to choose what they like. More importantly, after graduation, a student’s resume will be better for employers if they list a few extracurricular activities. Most of the students in the movies can easily afford it. University education. If only this were true! While it is true that some American college students are wealthy, most are from low-income families. Up to 80% of them receive some kind of financial assistance. Students from low- and middle-income families often work part-time during their college years. There’s one thing many college students have in common, but it’s not something you’ll see in the movies. They have parents who think college education is a priority, a necessary and important part of their children’s lives. Movies about college life often have characters that are radical in some way. super sporty, super smart, super rich, super sexy, etc. Movies use stereotypes, along with other romantic and adventurous myths because audiences love watching movies that include these elements. Of course, college students really don’t look like movie characters. So next time you want a taste of the college experience, don’t watch the movie. Instead look at some college websites or brochures. Take a walk around your local university campus. Take a few classes. Yes, you may not see the interesting people or actions you see in the movies, but there are certainly plenty of academic adventures going on all around you!

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Which is NOT mentioned as a negative effect of social media?

He has lost weight since he _____________ eating chocolate bars.

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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate thecorrect answer to each of the questions.The weather is a national obsession in Britain, perhaps because it is so changeable. It’s the national talking point, and most people watch at least one daily weather forecast. Most of the viewers imagine that the presenter does little more than arrive at the studio a few minutes before the broadcast, read the weather, and then go home.In fact, this image is far from the truth. The two-minute bulletin which we all rely on when we need to know tomorrow’s weather is the result of a hard day’s work by the presenter, who is actually a highly-qualified meteorologist.Every morning, after a weather forecaster arrives at the TV studios, his/her first task of the day is to collect the latest data from the National Meteorological Office. The information is very detailed and includes predictions, satellite and radar pictures, as well as more technical data. After gathering all the relevant material from this office, the forecaster has to translate the scientific terminology and maps into images and words which viewers can easily understand. The final broadcast is then carefully planned. The presenter decides what to say and in what order to say it. Next a “story board” is drawn up which lays out the script word for word.The time allocated for each broadcast can also alter. This is because the weather report is screened after the news, which can vary in length. The weather forecaster doesn’t always know how much time is available, which he/she has to be thoroughly prepared so that the material can be adapted to the time available.What makes weather forecasting more complicated means is that it has to be a live broadcast and cannot be prerecorded. Live shows are very nerve-racking for the presenter because almost anything can go wrong. Perhaps the most worrying aspect for every weather forecaster is getting the following day’s predictions wrong. Unfortunately for them, this is not an unusual occurrence; the weather is not always possible to predict accurately.These days, a forecaster’s job is even more complicated because they are weather dependent upon to predict other environmental conditions. For example, in the summer the weather forecast has to include the pollen count for hay fever sufferers. Some also include reports on ultraviolet radiation intensity to help people avoid sunburn. The job of a weather forecaster is certainly far more sophisticated than just pointing at a map and describing weather conditions. It’s a job for professionals who can cope with stressful and challenging conditions. The word “bulletin” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to _________.

A. who B. which C. whom D. whose

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